The-Dream Accused Of Rape In New Lawsuit

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The-Dream, a prominent singer/songwriter/producer who works with the likes of Beyoncé and Rihanna, has been accused of rape, sexual assault, and trafficking in a new lawsuit.

On Tuesday (June 4), Chanaaz Mangroe, The-Dream's former protégé, filed a federal lawsuit against the music star alleging that she was lured as a 23-year-old "vulnerable artist into an abusive, violent, and manipulative relationship" in 2015, per PEOPLE.

Mangroe, who was born in the Netherlands, said The-Dream attempted to gain her "complete trust" by making "false promises" including sponsoring her international visa, offering contracts with major labels, and guaranteeing collaborations with the likes of Rihanna and Beyoncé.

According to the lawsuit, Mangroe was instead used the fulfill the music mogul's desires, manifesting in "violent sexual acts and vicious psychological torture.”

The lawsuit details one incident where The-Dream locked Mangroe in a dark room, violently having sex with her while demanding “she tell him she loved him.” According to the lawsuit, The-Dream also poured "excessive amounts of alcohol" down her throat, "refused to wear a condom and regularly ejaculated inside" of her, and would "frequently" strangle her during sex.

The-Dream allegedly controlled all aspects of Mangroe's life including where she lived, where she would go, who she spoke to, and what she could eat.

Mangroe alleges that her career was derailed after her music was taken without explanation. She said she never was compensated for her work, and every attempt to restart her music career has been “hijacked by Dream and those who support him.”

“Choosing to speak out about the trauma I survived has been one of the most difficult decisions of my life, but ultimately, what Dream did to me made it impossible to live the life I envisioned for myself and pursue my goals as a singer and songwriter," Mangroe said in a statement amid the suit. “Ultimately, my silence has become too painful, and I realized that I need to tell my story to heal. I hope that doing so will also help others and prevent future horrific abuse.”

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